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 Rosario Torrico Montenegro is qualified antique dealer with more than 30 years of experience. My reputation and high valued long-lasting relationships with  our clients around the world have provided us with the ability of understanding the true value of our unique pieces.
I have been travelling during the last 30 years throughout Southeast Asian countries meeting all kinds of different cultures and religions.
Learning from ancient cultures has always been our true goal in life and I believe that understanding other points of view enriches our vision of the world.


Oriental Works of Art:
The pieces collected in this section include ancient Buddhas and other items from 9th century to 19th century.
I  started my business in an open Art Gallery in 1980 and have trading in Oriental Art ever since. My catalogs offer museum-quality works of art such as ancient Buddhas, ceramics, gold, wood and stone carvings for all connaisseurs and exquisite collectors.
You are kindly invited to enjoy by browsing my site.



Detail of central figure

    BURMESE STELAE - 11th - 12th century, copper alloy.
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